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About Us


PJMCo.ca has been providing quality Web Hosting since our founding in 2001.

PJMCo.ca, located in New Brunswick Canada, offers everything it takes to get your website online as well as providing excellent and reliable hosting service, professional support tools and High Performance Hyper Threading CPU servers.

We are extremely proud of our experienced team, whose extensive track record shows a continuing commitment to the highest quality support. With our proven hosting experience, you can be assured that all your needs will be taken care of, 24 hours a day.

We believe in taking a leadership role in the Hosting Industry, which means that you will find us taking new technology by the horns. Our server administrators constantly keep our equipment up to date, and persistently strive to maintain the absolute highest possible uptime. This team monitors our servers and network around the clock.

Our customer service team is extremely knowledgeable about hosting technology, and provides friendly and helpful support at all times. They are aided by our technical support team, which is a highly trained array of engineers, who are extremely experienced in troubleshooting and administration.

Whether customer service representatives or server administrators, we are united by a single goal: to provide you with the very best hosting experience there is.

So what sets PJMCo.ca apart from the rest?

 Customer Care
Are you tired of waiting days to get answers from your host? PJMCo.ca’s Customer Care ensures you receive a degree of customer care you will experience nowhere else.  You can feel confident that we will be here to honor our Customer Care.

Support at PJMCo.ca isn't just extensive, it's excessive! Our self help support tools,  as always, our E-mail Support and Toll Free number will ensure your hosting experience here is given a kick start.

You can be assured that sudden changes in your service are nonexistent. You can try out our service for 30 days and if you aren't satisfied at what you've found here, we'll give you a refund.

 No Overselling, No Hype
Unlike many so called cheap web hosting companies, we do not offer unrealistic amount of disk space or traffic which you will never need at ridiculously low prices to attract more customers. There is no such thing as unlimited disk space on hard drives.  Don’t be fooled by the hype!  Learn more about disk space and traffic here.

 We are not resellers
We own and operate our servers.

 Languages - Our primary language is English.  We also speak French.
 Langues - Nos services sont aussi offerts en français et vous pouvez communiquer avec nous en français.

Not convinced?

Read our customer’s testimonials..
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Ready to view our hosting packages?

Web Hosting is the last place to go cheap, remember this is your business and when your site is down you are not doing any business. Talk to us and ask all the questions you can and we are sure you will make PJMCo.ca your Canadian Web Host. 
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