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Account Usage


 "Notification of problem domains" E-mail message...What is that?

If and when you receive this E-mail Alert...

It means that you have gone over your allowed disk space or traffic (data transfer) allowance. You will need to upgrade your package. Please get in touch with us.

The alert E-mail message will look similar to the following...

Limit has been exceeded on domain 'yourdomain.ca' owned by client 'yourname':
Disk space usage: 203.11 M
Disk space limit: 200.00 M
Traffic: 2.85 M
Traffic limit: 1.95 G


 How to make sense of Webalizer?

Webalizer is difficult to understand if you are not familiar with it. If you want to learn more about Webalizer, go here:

 When I go to my web site, I get reloacted to http://mydomain.com/index.html automatically, what is causing this?

This will start happening if you selected the "Enable webuser@domain.com access format" in the Web User Preferences section of your control panel.  Please leave that option UNCHECKED. If it is CHECKED, just uncheck the option and the relocate function will be removed. Also, if this option is enabled, the server will create new script files in your httpdocs and httpsdocs directories called; “at_domains_index.html” file.  They will be removed from your httpdocs and httpsdoc directories when you uncheck the option.  The Web User’s Options should be all left unchecked.

 When I try to add a webuser, I am told that I have reached the maximum number of webusers, but in the report section of my Plesk control panel, it says I have 0 web users... Why?

When we started our hosting services in 2001, we allowed the addition of webusers, but the feature was abused.

Unfortunately, we had no other alternative. We had to disable this feature.

 Why do I get an Alert Icon in my PSA (Plesk Control Panel)?

If you see that "!" icon, it means that you have gone over your allowed disk space or traffic . You will need to upgrade your package. Please get get in touch with us..

Click on Report button within your PSA panel to view your usage statistics.

We will not turn off your hosting account and website fonctions if you go over your allowances, but please contact us promptly.

 I can't login my Plesk Control Panel (PSA)

Make sure you are not behind a firewall in a company network.  Your firewall might be blocking port 8443 and 443. Also, make sure your Internet Browser Privacy Option is set to Medium...Plesk requires session cookies to operate properly.
You can review the Plesk software requirements here:

Passwords are CaSeSeNsItIvE, letters and numbers must be exactly the same. If there is a UPPER case letter, you MUST type in a upper case letter. Type in your password in the password field. Do not copy and paste it.  You might copy and paste an extra empty space by doing so and you will get login errors.
Please review your welcome e-mail and read it carefully.

 I've been locked out of Plesk Admin page. What should I do?

After 3 failed logins, for security Plesk will lock you out. Make sure you login properly with your domain name and password.  Please check your login info provided in your welcome e-mail. You will have to wait 30 minutes before trying again.
If you changed your Plesk login password and don't remember it, please open a new ticket and request to have your Plesk login password reset to the original.

 Where can I view Plesk's Flash Tutorials?

Please go to our support page at http://www.pjmco.ca/html/support.html and scroll down the page and you will see a link called "PSA 6.0 End User Flash Tutorials".

Please take some time to view all of the "End User Tutorials". That should get you familiar on how do to different things in Plesk (Your Control Panel).

 How do I upgrade my account.

Very easy...

Simply let us know which hosting package listed on our website you would like to upgrade to. Be sure to include the domain name to upgrade.

 How do I cancel my hosting account?

Please use our Contact Us page to request a cancellation.

Your request must include the following information:
1. Full Name and address
2. E-mail address used at the time of signup
3. Domain name to cancel
4. FTP username and its original password

Please make sure you send your closing request at least 7 days before your next billing cycle.

 How do I change my credit card?

To change your credit card, please call us at 1-819-574-5833.  For added security, there is no online form to change credit cards.  Please have your credit card on hand when calling.

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