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Domain Name


 How do I get my own domain name?

To get your own domain, you must register it. To register your new domain name now, click here or go to any registrar of your choice. Once you have purchased and registered your domain, we can host it for you.

 How do I move my domain to you and what are the DNS records I should use?

If you already have a domain name or getting one, you need to modify your domain’s DNS records to point to our servers. Please print this page then, go to your registrar and specify them with our DOMAIN NAME SERVER Information. You may also modify the Technical Contact Information.(Optional)

Our Domain Name Server List (DNS records)...

Server#1 “Hercules”
The DNS information for your domain name should be as follows:
Primary DNS: ns.pjmco.ca
Primary IP:
Secondary DNS: ns2.pjmco.ca
Secondary IP:

Server #2 “Poseidon”
The DNS information for your domain name should be as follows:
Primary DNS: ns.pjmco.com
Primary IP:
Secondary DNS: ns2.pjmco.com
Secondary IP:

 How do I pay for my new domain name?

Our domain name registration process is powered by DomainPeople.ca and you will be billed by them. Special third-party offers are provided as a service to PJMCo.ca customers. PJMCo.ca is not responsible for any third-party offers, services or products. PJMCo.ca makes no representations or warranties regarding DomainPeople.ca services.

 How long does it take before my domain name is active?

It takes approximately 48 hours to complete a Domain Name Registration process.

 How long would my e-mail service be interrupted if I were to transfer my domain and get a hosting package from you?

It usually takes 24 to 48 hours to move a domain to us for propagation purposes. But the e-mail service will only be interupted just a few hours, the messages will still be sent to the old hosting account. It is a good idea to check your e-mail every hour once you move your domain. Set your e-mail software (Outlook or Outlook expresss, etc) to check for new messages every hour.

If there are messages being sent once the domain propagation starts, a few e-mail messages might still be lost.

We have a solution but it also depends on how fast the propagation process is going to be...
When you order a hosting package from us, your account is created within 1 to 12 hours. It will only take 30 minutes if you order before 11PM Atlantic Standard Time. Then, you will receive your hosting account usernames and passwords so you can create your e-mail accounts immediately. This will reduce the chance of losing e-mail messages.

 How do I transfer my domain name from my registrar to yours.

Please note: Transfering a domain name means to transfer a domain name from one registrar to another.  Moving a domain name means move from one host to another.


HOW LONG? Domain name transfers generally take about 6 days to process. Be aware that because a transfer requires the co-operation of both registrars, complications can delay, or in some cases, even prevent, the transfer from completing.

Now that you've submitted your transfer, the next step in the process is for us to collect a whois record from the current registrar of each domain. This information contains the e-mail address for the administrative contact of the domain. Once the collection of whois information is complete, you will be sent an update via e-mail.

The administrative contact must provide consent for each transfer. An e-mail will be sent to this contact requesting their consent. You will be notified via e-mail of the result.

Once consent is acquired, the command to transfer the domain is sent to the registry.  From there a series of communications will be sent between the registry, the current registrar of the domain and its registrant. The admin contact of the domain may again be contacted by the current registrar asking them to verify the transfer.

** IMPORTANT ** In order for the transfer to proceed, the current admin contact of the domain must closely follow instructions sent via e-mail.  If these instructions are not followed, the transfer may fail.

Domain Expiration - If a domain is within two weeks of expiring, you should not attempt to transfer it; instead renew it first with the current registrar, then transfer.

Whois Information - The whois record that is collected from the current registrar is vital in acquiring consent for the transfer. Be sure to keep your records up-to-date using the domain management tools provided by the current registrar of your domains. If the e-mail address of the administrative contact is no longer valid, the transfer will likely run into problems that will delay of prevent the transfer from completing.

Providing Consent - The current admin contact of the domain MUST provide consent for the transfer.  Ensure that the admin contact for the domain is aware of their role in this process!

Locked domains - Some domains may be locked by either the registry or the current registrar. If a domain name is locked, the transfer process cannot be completed, regardless of whether we have received consent from the admin contact. In this case, you must contact the current registrar and ask them to clear the lock that is preventing the transfer.

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