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 Account Usage Questions

  • "Notification of problem domains" E-mail message...What is that?
  • How do I cancel my hosting account?
  • When I try to add a webuser, I am told that I have reached the maximum number of webusers.

 Domain Name Questions

  • How do I get my own domain name?
  • How do I move my domain to you and what are the DNS records I should use?

 E-Mail Questions

  • How do I access my Webmail?
  • How do I block unwanted e-mail (SPAM)?
  • How do I configure my email client for POP3 email?

 FTP Questions

  • How do I transfer files to my web site?
  • Will I be able to change and update my web pages on a regular basis?
  • I can't delete files in FTP.

 Hosting Questions

  • Do I get a control panel?
  • Do I get telnet or SSH access?
  • What is SSL and what do I need to use it?

 Scripting Questions

  • Is there any unacceptable or banned Scripts & Programs?
  • My error documents are not loading. What's wrong?
  • My script is not working, can you help me with it?
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