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 How do I transfer files to my web site?

Files can be transferred to the web server using an FTP client (File Transfer Protocol) or using File Manager in Plesk. You can download an FTP program or software for either the PC or Mac from tucows.com or nonags.com. Cute FTP, for instance, is a shareware FTP program, available from cuteftp.com.  Any FTP program can be used to transfer your files to the server.

View FTP Flash Tutorials at demodemo.com.

Once you have your FTP client (software) you are ready to upload files to your account.
Login to ftp.yourdomain.com with your Username and Password, provided to you in your Welcome activation e-mail.

Once you are logged in, you will see the various directories within your account. You will need to place all files in the public directory which is "/httpdocs". This is the directory that you will use to upload all your Website files. Your main file should be named index.html, index.php or index.shtml.
You can create new directories within this directory, these directories are known as "subdirectories"

When you upload files to the /httpdocs directory you can view them by typing in http://www.yourdomain.com/filename.ext, not http://www.yourdomain.com/httpdocs/filename.ext
If you upload files to a subdirectory under /httpdocs/subdirectoryname, you would be able to view them by typing in http://www.yourdomain.com/subdirectoryname/filename.ext, not http://www.yourdomain.com/httpdocs/subdirectoryname/filename.ext

You can also use Microsoft FrontPage -2000-2002 if FrontPage extensions are enable on your hosting account. Upload to http://www.yourdomain.com. Don’t try publishing with FrontPage to an IP, it won’t work. Wait until your domain DNS is active and properly propagated to our servers.

Here is a snap shot taken from NetObjects Fusion Remote FTP server setup.

NOTE: If you have problems transfering files via FTP, try using PASSIVE MODE in your FTP client options and settings.

 Will I be able to change and update my web pages on a regular basis?

Yes, you will be able to update your web page at any time using FTP. There are no additional charges for updating your web site, so you can update it as often as you want.

 I can’t login my FTP account, what can I do?

You can change your FTP password in Plesk under the “Setup” icon.

 I can't delete files in FTP.

Files created or uploaded on the server by cgi or php scripts (such as picture uploads) cannot be delete by the FTP user. Please submit a ticket and indicate the files or subfolders you need deleted.

 When I go to my web site, I get reloacted to http://mydomain.com/index.html automatically, what is causing this?

This will start happening if you selected the "Enable webuser@domain.com access format" in the Web User Preferences section of your control panel.  Please leave that option UNCHECKED. If it is CHECKED, just uncheck the option and the relocate function will be removed. Also, if this option is enabled, the server will create new script files in your httpdocs and httpsdocs directories called; “at_domains_index.html” file.  They will be removed from your httpdocs and httpsdoc directories when you uncheck the option.

 What is the purpose of the “at_domains_index.html” file in my httpdocs and httpsdocs directories?

The “at_domains_index.html” script file is to allow accessing Web User pages via URLs like webuser@domain.com.  It redirects your web site.

Also, the “at_domains_index.html” file is automatically created by Plesk (the control panel we use on our servers) in your httpdocs and httpsdocs directories when you select the "Enable webuser@domain.com access format" in the Web User preferences section of your control panel. Please leave that option UNCHECKED.  If it is CHECKED, just uncheck the option and the “at_domains_index.html” file will be removed for your /httpdocs and /httpsdoc directories.

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