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Plesk Login Instructions.
For added security, the login forms are in a secure environment.

To access and login your PSA control panel... please go to: https://yourdomain.com:8443/

Replace yourdomain.com with your own domain name.
NOTE:  Make sure to include the ‘s’ in https://...
For more information, please consult your welcome e-mail.

- You should receive a “Security Alert” popup window when accessing your login link, please click “Yes” to proceed.

- On the login forms, please login with your domain name without “www” in the “login” field.

MAC OS Users.
To access Plesk on the MacOS you must and can easily install Mozilla and use it with any version of Plesk without issue.

Common login problems.

Your initial step to resolve your login problems is to make sure you review your welcome e-mail carefully.

- User's typo errors; if you copy and paste your login info, make sure you do not include any extra and empty character space when pasting.

- Problems connecting to the PSA panel login page; it might be because your connection to port 8443 is blocked by your firewall or provider.

- Locked out; after 3 login failures, you will lock yourself out. Please wait 30 minutes before trying again.

- If you still can't login, please submit a trouble ticket.


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