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Customer Testimonials...

Some of our clients...

 “Just a note to tell you that your service is really very good.  I have yet to experience any down time and the tools are very easy to use.  I appreciate that you communicate with your customers about upgrades that you are doing to the servers,  and I hope that your company is very successful and continues to grow. I recommend the service regularly.”
Carol Moyer - The Placement Agency

“When I went looking for an Web Site provider about 18 months ago, I found two that fitted my needs and sent both an E-mail for information. One has yet to reply to me, but Patrick called me on the telephone within an hour of me sending the E-mail. Being an amateur at this endeavor, Patrick guided me through the whole process in simple terms. Patrick continued to provide personal assistance as I required it.  Companies always boast about their service but none can beat the service and product that Patrick and PJMCO.CA provides.  I was so pleased with Patrick's service that I have made him my web provider for a second site that I've just started up.”
- George Burns - www.michiwawa.ca

PJMCO.ca has been great for my business. The Home Inspection business is usually driven by real estate agents, however your web hosting and support has allowed us to break away from this and generate almost 75% of our business through the web. For a small businees owner, your support has been top notch! Keep up the GREAT work.
- Michael Fournier, owner - www.citywidehomeinspectors.com

“I have been using PJMCo as a web host for some time now and I must say that I have never come across better support or customer care. Patrick is prompt, courteous, helpful, and thoughtful.  I expect to enjoy his service for a long time to come.”
- Alex Saltman - www.bonnettswireline.com - www.thetesters.com

“You are without a doubt a pleasure to work with and I am happy to give you all my business. You continue to go above the call of duty!  Thank you - you offer great customer service, which seems rare in the hosting world.”
- Michael Beattie

"I wanted to thank you for having such a great webhosting service. Your customer support is outstanding with real LIVE person-to person contact and my inquiries were always resoved promptly. That is a rare find in today's barrage of webhosting companies popping up all over the net. Your honesty and integrity speaks for itself and I highly recommend Pjmco.ca to anyone looking for a webhost that is here to stay!"
- Patricia Dupuis, Ontario

“I must say that in the eleven years I have been involved with internet service providers, you stand out unique. I cannot imagine anyone else who would crawl out of bed at 2:30 in the morning to service a new client. I have also not found anyone who can solve problems as easily and in plain language as you do.  I have been fortunate to have found you and recommend you to anyone who will listen.  Thanks again for making business with your company a pleasure!”
- Michael Vann - www.horsehair.ca

Special Customer’s Testimonial...

“After almost 2 years of top-notch service and hosting by PJMCo.ca with two domains, I'm moving another of my domains over PJMCo to take advantage of the great packages and prices.

I've dealt with a few kinds of hosting, from free, "almost" free, and shared, and I'd far-and-above rather host here over anywhere else. Customer service is readily (and in many cases, almost instantaneously) available, package options and offerings are wonderful, and it's a Canadian company to boot!

Service goes above and beyond the call of duty, as far as I'm concerned, and I'm completely spoiled for hosting anywhere else on the 'Net. I recommend PJMCo.ca whenever I can and I feel sorry for those that don't take my advice.”

Coleen H. - bchla.bc.ca

“I've been using PJMCo for about 2 years.  I've tried other web hosting companies and keep coming back to Patrick.  He goes above and beyond the call of duty to support his clients! Patrick thank you very much for everything! You deserve and have earned all the success you can get! Thanks again.”

-  Michael Beattie - chiro.cc

“As usual your response was quick accurate and courteous. You are a fine businessman, and I'm sure that you will be completely successful. I'll certainly be a customer for life!”
- Ed Fischer - brantford411.com

“I've been in retail for 3 years, and consumer tech support for Microsoft for two, and I can definitively say you are and will go far in your business, and am already referring you to others that are looking for hosts.   Thank you very much for the personal contact through the phone calls and emails.  It's a real nice touch that other companies are lacking.  Good luck Patrick. Thanks for everything.”
- Ian Dickson

"What we admire about your firm is that you take the time to update your clients as to what is happening with the servers. I found quite frequently that other firms just do it and hope for the best. You're truly in a league of your own! Congrats for being such a diligent and considerate webhost. You'll always have our business above all else!"
- Mike Gokturk

“You are without a doubt a pleasure to work with and I am happy to give you all my business. You continue to go above the call of duty! Thank you - you offer great customer service, which seems rare in the hosting world.”
- Michael Beattie

“Patrick, I have the upmost respect for you. You've helped me out on numerous occasions with the quickest response. Your knowledge of not only hosting, but recognizing the challenges many of us Web Designers deal with is assuring that our clients will get the most for their money!”
- Jason Smith

“I am very happy with your affordable Canadian prices and fully loaded services. I've given PJMCo.ca a solid recommendation to my friends.”
- Shalene Takara

"I was having trouble with FrontPage Extensions on my "unmentionable" cable ISP, then realized I could test the FrontPage form on PJMCo.ca. Literally, within 1 hour of my request to Patrick for FrontPage Extensions, I was set up, had published & tested my form and was looking at the results in my inbox. Also might I add at 2:00 AM Atlantic time. Pretty impressive!"
- Beth Doman

“Thanks for all your help again Patrick - I really do appreciate it. It's what sets you apart - I can ask a question about something and always get a straight forward quick reply...
An inspiration for people like me just starting a business :)”

- Troy Chudzik

“It is great working with you. Now that I have another site hosted by your company and in such a record time, I will have no hesitation recommending you to anyone I know.”
- Harry Herman

“By the way. You run one hell of a great business! I recently set up a site for my mother in law and I tell anyone looking for a web page host to give you a try.
Thanks for all your help!”

- Ed Fischer

“Just wanted to say how impressed I am with your company. I had a new .ca domain registered and my account set up available on the web in just a few hours. The hosting account was set up and active in minutes! Wow!  Glad to find a Canadian company to do this. Thanks for a great service.”
- John Goodwin

“Customer service is almost a thing of the past... Huge corporations buying up smaller businesses every day, both online and offline... and if a customer has a problem, they really don't care. The loss of one or two customers from a customer base of millions means nothing to them.  Web hosting is no exception...  I've been through at least a dozen different hosting companies in the past two years, and I've left every one of them because of their lack of decent customer service.  When I ask a question about a service that I'm paying for, I don't expect to wait two months for an answer; but more often than not, that's exactly what happens-- if I'm lucky enough to get a response at all.
   It's nice to find the occasional business that still values it's customers.  You've always been quick to respond to my E-mails.  You've answered every one of my questions within hours, or even minutes... even before I was a customer.  That is greatly appreciated, and I'm sure the rest of your customers feel the same way.”

- Cody Barker

“I wish to underline one thing Pat..
Your professionalism is outstanding and I wish to commend you for the excellent work you are doing in maintaining customer satisfaction. I would and will highly recommend you to all my friends.
A very satisfied customer.”

- Ray B

“You guys are one of the VERY few companies who actually care about customers. I am really glad I changed hosts.”
- Isaac Garcia

“Finally a hosting company that I can afford - and with excellent service as well! Thanks!”
- James Van Loon

“What can we say? Great prices, great service, great company! ...great Canadian web-hosting services with loads of options for an excellent price.”
- Coleen Hein

“These guys are amazing, and frankly I don’t understand how they can afford to stay in business. Their service is great, they offer just about every feature you could ever ask for from a host, and their prices are unbeatable.”
- David Plecko

“In our ongoing struggle to find our clients the best hosting services at the best prices, we turned up to PJMCo.ca in New Brunswick!”
- Don W.

“All I can say is: You rule! I am quite happy with your service. Fast and excellent customer service!”
- C. G. Major

“I picked your company after looking at a number of services and it wasn't strictly a decision based on price (although that's a good thing too). After talking to you and looking at the pages on your Website, it just seemed more direct and personal. I like that.”
- Pierre Lachaine


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