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Pricing for registrations, renewals and transfers per year by domain name extension.





















Domain Transfers

To transfer your domain name to us, please use the following form...

Please enter one or more domain names in the box below.


  1. Enter one domain per line.
  2. Enter only the domain name and not the URL of a web site.
  3. For example do not enter http://www.example.com
  4. Enter example.com instead.
  5. For .biz, .info, .us, and .cn domains you may optionally supply the registry password (or "auth Info") as provided by the current registrar of the domain. Simply enter the domain name followed by a colon ":" and then the registry password as in "example.info:a9D4cH5". One domain per line.

7% GST applies to Canadian residents. Fees will be processed in Canadian dollars by DomainPeople.com.

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